Don’t Read This If You Haven’t Yet Seen The Last LOST

That post title is your SPOILER ALERT, so be mindful. Before heading down to the dim sum joint to eat with Man Man, we triple checked our TiVOs and then checked ‘em one more time. The LOST creators promised a paradigm shift with the season finalé’s last five minutes … and, wow. But before we get to that, let’s recap our tenuous reasoning for mentioning the ep on Stereogum. We had:

  1. A black-bearded pill-popping Jack, driving to a funeral parlor called Hoffs/Drawlar (anagram for “flash forward”!) — clearly unhinged and depressed because of said beard and his listening to Nirvana’s “Scentless Apprentice.” (By the way, the date on Jack’s newspaper clipping in that scene is 4/5/07, the 13th anniversary of Kurt’s death.)
  2. The Looking Glass code being programmed by a musician with a soft spot for the Beach Boys (to stop the station’s frequency jamming, Charlie needed to tap the melody to “Good Vibrations,” though Jacob probably would have appreciated “God Only Knows”).
  3. R.I.P DriveSHAFT

Also, this bit (and pic) from commenter Lucas:

One-eyed Russian Mikhail made a big boom on last night’s Lost finale and today Meg is playing a one-eyed prostitute in the “Icky Thump” video. Too early to declare that cyclops are having the best week ever?

Perfect. So, theory sharing time. Is that flash forward of a future set in stone? Desmond always told Charlie that, for the future to comport with his premonitions, the preceding events had to as well. Changeable future? Is Jack’s dad really alive (as he tells the new chief of surgery to call him down to see if “he’s drunker than I am”) — or is Jack just too hopped up on OxyContin? Who’s in that casket, and who does Kate have to rush home to? And most importantly, who’s doing Kate’s makeup in the future?? We want Freckles’ freckles.