15 Painfully Unforgettable Cartoon Theme Songs

If we sang the word “Trans-for-mers” in that all-to-familiar ascending triad, you know you’d be all “more than meets the eye!” (We’d also accept “robots in disguise,” but that’s a big interval at melody’s end, there.) Point is, these car-tunes don’t leave the brain, like, ever. So the joke-funny guys at Cracked put together a list of the most aggravatingly memorable theme songs, and it goes like so…

15. Tiny Toon Adventures
14. Gummy Bears
13. He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe
12. Transformers
11. Thunder Cats

10. Mighty Max
09. Pro Stars
08. Sonic The Hedgehog
07. Power Rangers
06. Talespin
05. G.I. Joe
04. Duck Tales
03. Animaniacs
02. Batman: The Animated Series
01. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Head over for YouTube audio samples and get ‘em all stuck in your head for days.

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