King Of Leon Hates Hipsters, Indie, Not Iron Chef

It was filmed a while back, but Caleb Followill’s appearance on Iron Chef just aired last night. As a judge, Followill is very kind, his harshest criticism basically being “not my favorite” (he also calls a meatball forgettable, but it’s sort of a compliment in the context). And, judging by his judgments, the Kings Of Leon frontman loves salt. Watch:

Meanwhile this more salacious news (“news,” ha) comes from a profile in Rolling Stone:

“I hate fucking hipsters. Everyone talks about indie this and indie that, but would you really want to be one of those indie bands that makes two albums and disappears? That’s just sad … When we signed on with our manager, we all said we wanted to have a box-set career. We’ll gladly be the next generation of bands that aren’t going anywhere.”

Them’s fighting words, though with whom we’re not sure. Shouldn’t the Followills and Williamsburgers be bonding over “unbelievably skinny jeans“?

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