New Sufjan Stevens – “In The Words Of The Governor” (Stereogum Premiere)

Since Illinois, winged maestro Sufjan Stevens has given us various avian outtakes and covers (Lefty Frizzell w/ David Byrne, Joni Mitchell, etc.), but far as we can figure, this track is the first proper studio shot of original Soof we’ve heard in awhile — and it’s a complete mind explosion.

For their forthcoming music-comp bearing issue, the Believer coaxed Sufjan from his orchestral-folk chamber and lured him into what sounds like a rusty-hinged garage down the street from Jack and Meg’s place, asking him to record “a rock song.”

The shocker is that Soof slings the slack speak and high-fretted guitar chatter of “In The Words Of The Governor” with such dead on (in)accuracy — but now we know never to be surprised. The cut skids out with a barrage of frenzied “I’ll put it back!”s, but really Sufjan … don’t. Sounds like he’s got another genre to rock and unfold up his embroidered sleeves. Ya know, after he finishes up on those other 48 states-based bits of historical fiction. Get ready…

Yeah, you should listen again.

Here’s what else to expect from the Believer music comp…

Cue The Bugle Turbulent: The 2007 Believer Music Issue CD Tracklist

01 Deerhunter – “Hazel St.”
02 No Age – “Everybody’s Down”
03 Oxford Collapse – “Please Visit Your Nationals Parks”
04 Sufjan Stevens – “In The Words of the Governor”
05 I’m From Barcelona – “The Painter”
06 Aesop Rock – “The Next Big Thing”
07 Reykjavik! – “Rex”
08 YACHT – “I Believe In You”
09 The Twilight Sad – “Watching That Chair Painted Yellow”
10 Of Montreal – “Du Og Meg”
11 Page France – “Without A Diamond Ring”
12 Clogs – “I Used To Do”
13 The Blow – “Parenthesis (Rory Phillips Remix)”
14 Bill Fox – “My Baby Crying”
15 Explosions In The Sky – “The Long Spring”
16 Magik Markers – “Body Rot (The No Nude Mix)”
17 The Drones – “I Don’t Ever Want To Change:
18 Zach Condon – “Venice”
19 Lightning Bolt – “Deceiver”
20 Grizzly Bear – “Easier (Alternate)”

And here’s the motley crew of contributors to Sufjan’s latest opus.

“In the Words of the Governor”
by Sufjan Stevens (c) 2007 Asthmatic Kitty Records
recorded at The Buddy Project in Astoria, Queens, NY
mixed at home in Brooklyn, NY
drums: J.J. Jazzy McAlister
lead guitar, vocals: Sufjan Buckey Beaver Billy Bird Stevens
unleaded guitar: Inspector Jelly Toe
bass guitar: Smooth Tooth McCoy
piano: Ravioli Dimple, Jr.
assistant engineer: Sharpie Points, III
bat boy: Todd Rodd
key grip: Harry Hands
dish washer: Mr. Lemon Mist
wardrobe: Mandy Cumberbun Moyer

Suddenly this pic seems awfully dated, doesn’t it?