New Get Him Eat Him – “Push And Pull”

For their second LP, out next week, Dismemberment devotees Get Him Eat Him ratchet up expectations with fancy guests (Beirut’s Zach Condon, the Wrens’ Charles Bissell, Broken Social Scene’s Chris Brown) and embrace their pedal-pushing idols by enlisting D Plan guitarist Jason Caddell on production. The songs ride and tie with quirky, geeked out indie-pop, occasionally stopping for breath between clenched fills and ADD arrangements. “Push And Pull” could be a fitter, happier b-side to Dismemberment cut “Gyroscope,” while standout first single “2×2″ loosens the rhythmic reins, opens up the arrangements, and calls on Zach Condon’s trumpet to echo Matt LeMay’s warm-breathed vox. Start with the latter, then push on to “Pull.”

Get Him Eat Him – “Push And Pull” (MP3)
Get Him Eat Him (Feat. Beirut) – “2×2″ (MP3)

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