Bad Meets Evil: Michael Jackson Invests In Eminem

Hasn’t Jacko been in financial trouble for years now? Guardian reports that, arrears be damned, MJ’s partnership company Sony/ATV purchased the publishing entity Famous Music for $370 million from Viacom via auction yesterday. (Imagine that auctioneer: “SOLD to the ma…woma…person raising the gloved hand.”)

So to the Beatles, add Björk, Beck, and other artists that don’t fit this alliterative scheme to Michael’s personal stash of song rights. Experts say the most valuable catalogue controlled by Famouse Music is that of Marshall Mathers. A Sony/ATV exec says Famous Music is a “world-class asset filled with evergreen songs that people know and love,” but we wouldn’t put it past the Freak Of Pop to orchestrate this whole thing just to own Slim after this bit of hair-flaming fun.