Dr. Dog, Soft Tigers, And Hey Willpower! Cover Architecture In Helsinki

Can’t blame the Aussies of AiH for going big with “Heart It Races,” the global-grooved steel-drumming stand-out from Places Like This. In addition to commissioning remixes from folks like Pink Skull and DJ/Rupture & Mr. Lee*G, Architecture In Helsinki has tapped three acts to cover the tune. (This is where we remind you that the record ain’t even out yet.) In case you haven’t heard the original, head here for the vid (and for those in YouTube-hating places of employ, stream at MySpace), and then a have a listen of the following cover salute. Hey Willpower! and Soft Tigers play up the dance pulse of “Heart It Races,” while Dr. Dog do it up with handclaps, slide guitar, some trippy hollerbacks, and their trademark throwback vibe.

Dr. Dog – “Heart It Races”

Hey Willpower! – “Heart It Races”

Soft Tigers – “Heart It Races”

Dr. Dog being a Stereofave and all, thought it’d be nice for you to take theirs as a little souvenir from Helsinki.

Dr. Dog – “Heart It Races” (MP3)