Four Hands + One Guitar = 90210

We love the Forms, and you will love this. While you can catch the Steve Albini-produced indie rockers for free at the South Street Seaport in NYC at their show with the National and Takka Takka this August, you must watch the band’s Jackson and Brendan Kenny bring it back to the days of Dylan McKay with the best worst theme song ever right now. Better still: They’re twins (just like Brandon and Brenda!). As a YouTube commenter noted: “That was awesome. That was like David Silver doing Crystal Meth awesome.” Yes. (Thanks for sending, Heather!)

If you haven’t heard the Forms stuff, you should change that ASAP. It’s a very Touch & Go sound which, given their pedigree, shouldn’t surprise anybody. (Sunny Day Real Estate with a dash of Pinback, perhaps.) While we wait for the new record (produced by Jawbox’s J Robbins and, again, Albini — on its way), check these tracks from the excellent debut Icarus:

The Forms – “Stravinsky” (MP3)
The Forms – “Sunday” (MP3)
The Forms – “Black Metal” (MP3)

Wonder if Nat’s still booking at the Peach Pit?

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