Joanna Newsom Denies Simpsons Rumors

Earlier this week a rumor started going around that Joanna Newsom was set to appear on The Simpsons. According to Malibu Magazine, Newsom’s credentials included, “… a future scheduled stop with her harp on The Simpsons” (the line has since been removed from the story). Her appearance at the Matt Groening-curated ATP Festival earlier this year in Minehead (which came with a Groening cartoon of Newsom) made the story seem very plausible. But Newsom debunked the rumor today via her publicist:

Regrettably, the awesome rumor of my upcoming cameo on The Simpsons is unfounded. I remain, however, steadfast as always in my commitment to the character of Lisa, whom I have of course had the privilege of voicing for the last twenty-one years, in my dreams. Thanks for the memories, gang!

So… no Newsom on The Simpsons yet. But with Lisa’s recently discovered appreciation for experimental music and art, maybe it’ll still happen.