Iggy Pop & Jeff Tweedy Are Lil’ Rummy & Lil’ God, Respectively

History is being made over at Comedy Central: The network we love to laugh with (save the looping MADtv reruns; make it stop!) has picked up the animated satire Lil’ Bush, originally an Amp’d Mobile downloadable short, for a six episode run this June — marking the first time a mobisode has made the jump to the little screen from the, uh, littler screen. The beefed up TV cast will include Iggy Pop as Lil’ Rummy (that’s Donald Rumsfeld) and, awesomely, Jeff Tweedy as Lil’ God (“Thou shalt not compare us to the Eagles“). The show also promises voice overs from Dave Grohl and the Chili Peppers. No word on whether it promises to be better than the trailer, though.