New Courtney Love Live Video – “Pacific Coast Highway”

New Courtney Love Live Video – “Pacific Coast Highway”

When C. Love had Linda Perry and Billy Corgan join her at a benefit show in LA last year to try out two new tunes (“Sunset Marquis” and “PCH”), we were surprised at how not shitty it all sounded. Even her cover of Mac staple “Rhiannon” hit it on the surgically enhanced nose. Those of you in LA already know that Linda Perry’s set at the House Of Blues tonight will feature lots of Love, so for those that can’t make it, here’s Linda and Love rehearsing “Pacific Coast Highway” for the benefit of some professional videographers in prep for the Blues. Digging the country-tinged Stevie Nicks bit, Courtney. Sucks the vid fades out at the hook, but you’ll get a feel for where she’s headed.

Take the jump for still shots from the session and Court’s thoughts on Corgan and Linda’s contributions to her new record.

Surprisingly easy on the eyes, right? Not this, though. Here’s how Courtney feels about Billy and Linda P{erry.

bwyay befopre i go to sleep i just wanna puvlically priclim hoe much i love paul an dpete an dnate and damon and Monsieur William Corgan on this record nd how much i truly deeply madly love Linda P{erry who ssems to never ever be wrongw hen it comes top me, i love her so much and that shes taken the time to do thios for me is amazing, shes the leader and the innovator and anyone thinking linda isnt ?indie?enoiugh cant have any of my macaroons, cos your WRONG, as sges prived on trhos onm her ben jellum record and on rthe next punk trip nmegaband record, she willrise liek no woman ever has so on top fo beonga partner a business partner an advisor a guru a dear dear friend one of the great loves of my lofe my soulmate when it come sto songwriting i men if i cant make a record with linda i just womnt mke one, shes what ove looked for my whole lofe sicne i wads putting opretty girls to front bands cos i wasnt pretty enough. Linda writes from her guts as do i we just have different guts and she gets me like a lion protecting a cub i love her soooooo much.

Get all that?

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