R.I.P Ari Up

Yesterday German-born British dub-punk legend Arianna Foster, aka Ari Up, passed away “after a serious illness” according to the website of her stepfather John Lydon. She was 48. Up formed the Slits with drummer Palmolive in 1976 when she was 14, and she continued making music on her own and with the reformed Slits and others until her death. Read more on her life and influence at the Village Voice. We’ll update with more info when we have it. For now, remember her like this:

Update: Narnack, the Slits most recent label, just release a video for “Lazy Slam,” a track from 2009’s Trapped Animal. In today’s press release they note “Ari Up was insistent that the video be seen and it was her wish to release it posthumously.” It was directed by Jess Holzworth and features guest spots by Chloe Sevigny and Lizzie Bougatsos.