New Bark Bark Bark – “Haunts”

Two things get bloggers’ attention like no other: 1) youth; and 2) an act comprising either seven (or more!) members, a married couple, or just one person masquerading under a band’s moniker. So, there have been smattering of blog posts on Arizona’s Bark Bark Bark, but given that we’re talking about one kid (Jacob Cooper) who’s hella young (he be 20), safe to expect more internet love soon (fondness for synths and repetitious name are bonuses). And we fell prey to Cooper’s trap; Bark³ brings it like Panthers on standout cut “Haunts,” a dirty, dark electro-pop vibe, with digi beats and distorto-vox that moan along to fit its name. Night time dance fare, the sorta stuff Evan and Marilyn probably have blood thunderstorm sex to.

Bark Bark Bark – “Haunts” (MP3)

Haunts is available via Retard Disco.