Chelsea Hotel For Sale

From Sid killing Nancy in Room 100 to Dylan writing “Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands,” Leonard Cohen’s dalliance that led to “Chelsea Hotel #2,” Mark “fucking” Twain, Warhol’s Chelsea Girls, Dylan Thomas’s collapse, and René Ricard and Raymond Foye keeping the old-school NYC vibe alive, etc., there’s a lot of history in the Chelsea Hotel. Hopefully it doesn’t get turned into a CBGB’s-style theme park. The Hotel, owned largely by three family for the past 65 years, is now up for sale. A spokesperson notes: “The history itself makes the hotel what it is … Anybody who’s going to be looking to buy the Chelsea knows that the Chelsea is the Chelsea, and there’s nothing you want to do to change what the Chelsea is.” (Well, I’m sure John Varvatos could give it a go.) There’s currently no asking price. Read more at ABC News.