Sufjan Stevens @ The Wiltern, Los Angeles 10/24/10

Sufjan Stevens opened his show with “Seven Swans,” then thanked the audience “… for letting me be dramatic, I am a drama queen.” After learning that Stevens went through a life-threatening illness while completing The Age Of Adz, it’s hard to accuse him of dramatics. But his L.A. show did feature self-indulgence as a theme — (surprising) costume changes, huge, Royal Roberts-inspired projections of himself behind himself. Photographer Graeme Flegenheimer says Stevens had an explanation: “Sufjan picked [Roberts] because he thinks they both share the notion that big personal events reflect like giant events, Sufjan said like an earthquake.” Delusions of importance, earthquakes — looks like he kept his show locally relevant.

The setlist:

“Seven Swans”
“Too Much”
“Age of Adz”
“I Walked”
“Futile Devices”
“The Owl And The Tanager”
“Get Real, Get Right”
“Enchanting Ghost”
“Impossible Soul”

“Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois”
“Casimir Pulaski Day”