Show No Mercy Brings Underground Metal To Brooklyn

You probably have that one person at work you can count on for expertise about a certain style of music. Scott and I have that a guy like that. The difference between our go-to and yours, though, is our dude happens to be a leading critical voice in the genre and lovingly curates its best monthly showcase in NYC. In return we teach him all about and Mandy Moore. Because it’s all about fair trades.

Every month, Brandon’s Show No Mercy series presents a lineup of underground metal bands that might not otherwise make it to the city, at the raw looking but sonically ferocious back room of Williamsburg’s Public Assembly. The criteria for inclusion: Brandon must love them. In fact, that’s his entire M.O. (If there’s money being made, it’s by the bands alone). This weekend’s show is a good example, featuring the legendary N. Imperial-led outfit Krieg, a long running American black metal act that hasn’t been seen in this city in ages and hasn’t played a proper show in years. (If you’re looking for an entry point to American black metal and why it matters, keep an eye out for Brandon’s forthcoming book, excerpted in The Believer a little ways back.)

From having Nachtmystium at the debut installment (because they were number one on his best metal of ’08 list), to last month’s show with Skeletonwitch (who he’s been supporting for years but had never seen live … “so, I booked them”) and ascendant doom outfit Ocean (Pantheon Of The Lesser is an epic two-track opus even to my ears), each night of SNM is a survey of extreme metal’s finest, conceptually grouped and carefully curated.

This Sunday, Show No Mercy offers Krieg, younger black metal upstart Woe, opener Liturgy, and a return SNM stint for the Thurston Moore-approved Malkuth. Future installments promise Krallice (who played one of my favorite shows of ’08), Buried Inside, Genghis Tron, and Tombs. Shows are 21+, tickets are $10, earplugs are advised. Here’s a flyer:

More info on this Sunday’s show here.

Upcoming dates:
03/22 – Crucifer, Villains, Castevet, Nocnitsa, Dimentianon
04/12 – Genghis Tron, Tombs, Wetnurse, Black Anvil