Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – “I’m Not In Love”

I surprise myself (repeatedly) by how much I like Crystal Castles’s second album. (It’ll be on that endless year-end list of mine, surrounded by metal, sludge, noise, various bleak, icy things.) But when they do something like get Robert Smith to sing on a song — a Platinum Blonde cover that sounds like the best thing the Cure put together in ages while offering another angle at the kind of saturated, blasted goth-noise prettiness Alice Glass and Ethan Kath do well — the interest feels obvious. Listen to this updated ’80s take on (II)‘s “Not In Love.”

Crystal Castles – “Not In Love” (Feat. Robert Smith)

The updated “Not in Love” is the A-side of a single due 12/6 via Fiction. The B-Sides are early acoustic demos of “Celestica” and “Suffocation.”