Devendra Banhart’s New Album

Steve invited me to see the shaggy singer-songwriter live at his offices a few weeks ago. I thought it was great. Then again, I own Skip Spence’s Oar: when you’re into such acoustic schizophrenia, Devendra seems like Maroon 5 by comparison.

There are a handful of memorable ballads on Rejoicing In The Hands. And Devendra was so friendly when we were both waiting for cabs outta Murray Hill after his performance, so I feel compelled to give the disc a big thumbs up. I have no integrity. Yee-ha.

Here’s a highlight:

Devendra Banhart – “Fall”

And some pics:

Steve (DJ Stza) spins crappy noise rock.

Devendra spooks everyone out.

Check out Steve’s interview with the bohemian hipster here.