MEN – “Off Our Backs” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Their performances are heavier on performance, but this video for MEN’s “Off Our Backs” is pure eye and ear candy. The latter is mostly due to JD Samson’s singsong chorus, which, like Le Tigre’s best chants, worms its way into your brain. I could almost hear a teen-actress-turned-singer doing this radio-friendly single, though lyrics like “I’ll let you ride the pony” would have to be changed, as well as the visuals. The video’s a sun-soaked day of dancing, trampolining, and tug-of-war games, but the slow-motion crotch shots, copious body hair (Samson and the rest of MEN used to have a band called Hirsute), and knit masks play with all those video tropes. The clip was directed by Bryce Kass. Kass has also directed videos for Smog and Jay Reatard.

Lemonade’s remix will be part of the single’s digital bundle. This one isolates the title line and throws in lots of stumbling kick drums.
MEN – “Off Our Backs (Lemonade Remix)”

The “Off Our Backs” single is out 11/8. The full length, Talk About Body will be out sometime next year.

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