Ben + Vesper – “My Father’s Eyes”

A couple months back we brought you Ben + Vesper’s Shaking Through session and mentioned their upcoming album, produced by Daniel Smith and with contributions from Sufjan Stevens (piano and percussion for various tracks) and other Sounds Familyre friends. “My Father’s Eyes” is a taste of the album proper. The rich harmonies and pounding piano remind me of another husband and wife team, Mates Of State. But Ben + Vesper have always been a little weirder and less knowable to me, because of their slightly off-kilter arrangements (like the surprise bridge in this song), instrument choices, or their lyrics. While other songs’ lyrics read like conversations between neighbors or co-workers, here what they’re singing about is spiritual, larger. Listen:

Ben And Vesper – “My Father’s Eyes”

HONORS is out 1/25 via Sounds Familyre.

Ben And Vesper PR 2010