Deerhunter Debut New Songs at NoisePop

Earlier we posted a couple new songs St. Vincent debuted at NoisePop last week. The folks at Wolfgang’s Vault captured Deerhunter’s set in its entirety from “Born To Run” to a bits from Cryptograms and Microcastle through to the extended exeunt, which marks the final or four new tracks. One of the newbies, the spare, marching-paced “Famous Last Words,” is maybe the closest you’ll ever come (maybe) to hearing Deerhunter do a Strokes song. As a bit of local flavor, toward the end of the performance, Harvey Milk gets a “Hazel St.” dedication. “Never Stops” is in there, of course. The set’s over 50 minutes long, so sit back and let Deerhunter soundtrack the snowdrifts outside your window.

(Via P4K)

If you need help sorting things out, here’s a setlist (via offnotesnotes). Find more NoisePop footage at Wolfgang’s Vault.

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