U2 Do Five Nights Of Letterman

U2 started their five-night Letterman residency last night (3/2) with No Line On The Horizon’s “Breathe.” Maybe they’ve finally accepted “Get On Your Boots” is the worst. They performed “Breathe” along with “Boots” when doing Jonathan Ross, so it’s more likely they’re just delaying the inevitable. When evaluating No Line we mentioned “Breathe”‘s an old-school U2 rocker that, all things considering, actually works. The album’s soaring choir-esque backup vocals aren’t so strong in the living setting, but there’s no need for them: Bono turns Letterman’s studio audience into his congregation. Even though I have a hard time thinking of them as a “band,” and they spend too much time in the studio trying to sound important, U2 do bring it live. Despite that haircut.


No Line On The Horizon is out today via Interscope.

UPDATE: U2 week continues below…


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