Preview Sonic Youth’s The Eternal

This is your chance to hear The Eternal’s black metal-influenced lyrics and heavy ass weirdo hooks, albeit in supremely truncated form. At first the teaser’s a frustrating listen: Each time something lands and sounds promising, it’s onto the next snippet. After a while, if you accept it as the patchwork collage it is and dig your feet in some, it does offer insight into what the band’s Matador debut will sound like, be about. The word “meditation” comes up a couple times, levitation, a leaky lifeboat, Hollywood Boulevard, anti-orgasm, poison arrows, and the brain police once. As you’ll note, the teaser player’s from Newsweek … things have changed a lot since Confusion Is Sex. Pay attention:

Maybe the tracklist will help you find a center.

UPDATE: You can also head to Newsweek’s Tumblr for better sound.

The Eternal is out 6/9 via Matador. If you’re one of those early bird types, you can take part in Matador’s Early Get Now offer on 4/28. The details:

Along with your preorder of ‘The Eternal’ on LP or CD, you’ll get an instant stream of the album, and later (through the auspices of the U.S. Postal Service) a bonus limited edition live LP* culled from Sonic Youth’s July 4, 2008 show in Battery Park, NYC, along with an exclusive poster. Additional MP3’s will follow (but not from the post office).

You can read up on it at Matablog.

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