The Roots, Van Morrison, Justin Timberlake Help Cover The Demographic Spread On The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Debut

Add Robert De Niro and you’ve got yourself an opening night bill trying to please everyone on a show that’s otherwise clearly about targeting young men and their twitter accounts. So maybe the Astral Weeks-pimping Van Morrison fit on the show about as well as he did that silly suit (although “Sweet Thing” is and forever will be the jam), but there was that little thing about how THE ROOTS ARE THE HOUSE BAND, and between their musical versatility and “Slow Jamming The News” comic dexterity, they are actually a perfect fit for this show. (Except for the part about how NBC made them a stage that could only hold like four of the band’s 23 members.) JT was also on, he sang like Michael McDonald (well) and John Mayer (ok) and a Brother Gibb (enough). Also the Roots penned a pretty cool theme song — one of 200+ tunes they’re working on — which Scott pointed out will either be something we’ll hear nightly for years to come, or just a few more times if Jimmy doesn’t step up his game considerably. Watch the highlights and/or the whole show and get Gabe’s opening night post-mortem at Videogum.