Death Cab, Ted Leo, Portastatic, Cover Paul McCartney For The Best Show On WFMU’s Pledge Drive

There is generally one thing every comedy nerd I know agrees on, and that is The Best Show On WFMU with Tom Scharpling being the best three-hour investment a person who likes smart and funny things can make on any given week. Its sprawling freeform format allows for anything-goes bits, calls, collaborations, and constant cameos from all your favorite comedians (seriously, name one), and really is only possible because WFMU is 100% listener-supported and independently operated. Now it’s that time of year where The Best Show and WFMU ask the friends of Tom to give something back. And that something is money. Like $1.2 million dollars. By the end of next week.

But not all at once, and not all from one person, although either would be great and totally ideal, actually. Tom’s fundraising shows are tonight and next Tuesday from 8-11PM, during which time you’re encouraged to call 800-989-9368 or go online at and pledge whatever you can. HOWEVER, and this is where the indie rock comes in, if you can do $75 or more you get WFMU’s MIRTH MUSIC AND MAYHEM: A PRIZE PACK IN THREE PARTS. One of the parts is a solid looking tribute to Paul McCartney’s RAM, created and compiled exclusively for The Best Show by bands who are friends and fans, including Death Cab For Cutie, Ted Leo, Aimee Mann, Danielson, Portastatic, and etc. (Also you get an eco-friendly bag and an all new comedy CD by Scharpling and comedy teammate/Superchunk drummer/master phone-caller Jon Wurster.) Note that this isn’t to be confused with Aquarium Drunkard’s coincidentally released RAM on L.A., a tribute to the same album! But by L.A.-based indie bands! RAM jam. Just like The Wrestler, without the sadness and the getting robbed at the Oscars.

Here’s a note from Tom that explains it all.

To understand why Scharpling’s time is worth your money, poke around the podcast archives here or on iTunes. 10 years of three-hour weekly shows is maybe daunting to catch up on, though, which is why Tom’s launched the Best Show Gems podcast, a bi-montly best-of The Best Show highlight reel designed to be an ideal entry point for newbs. You can start that here. Also, there’s a Twitter you should know about. And all of it is free. Aside from the $1.2 million. Let’s do it, guys.