New Art Brut Video – “Alcoholics Unanimous”

Eddie Argos doesn’t feel great on this new Art Brut single. Probably the entire Frank Black-produced album, really; it’s called Art Brut Vs. Satan, and in this case the devil’s in the details of his issues with drinking, group texts, and latter-day remorse. The best thing to do in those situations is go to Alcoholics Anonymous. Eddie goes to “Alcoholics Unanimous.” Not a good place to find sympathy, but it turns out to be a great place for sardonic and chanted responses on the hook to your punk song.

Art Brut Vs. Satan is out 4/20 in Europe via Cooking Vinyl and 5/12 in the US via Downtown. “Alcoholics Unanimous” is out 4/6 in the UK. More info here.

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