Bob Mould Joins No Age Onstage In San Francisco

So far this week the NoisePop festival’s brought us a taste of new St. Vincent and Deerhunter. Now we have the old performed in a new way: Hüsker Dü/Sugar frontman (and, now, Anti- solo artist and DJ) Bob Mould joined No Age onstage to do a rendition of their “Miner” and his classic “New Day Rising.” It took place Sunday at the Bottom of the Hill. I stop by No Age’s blog now and then and remember photos posted in December of Randy Randall taking guitar lessons backstage with Mould (the elder taught the youngster the proper way to do “Could You Be The One”), so the pairing isn’t a surprise. But it is pretty awesome. Look no further than Randall’s ecstatic grin to see the guys were clearly honored:

(Via No Age’s blog)

In case you’re not up on your Hüsker Dü, here’s the 1985 original: