NATO Nixes Arcade Fire Concert

Because of a NATO summit scheduled to take place in the city November 19 and 20, Arcade Fire’s November 18 show at Lisbon’s Atlantic Pavilion has been canceled. Billboard reports that officials are citing “security concerns.” The Portuguese concert promoters were told over the weekend that the venue wouldn’t be available for the band’s scheduled performance; Arcade Fire offered to move the show up a day, but no go. Maybe this is all a result of Win over-excitedly stumping for Obama and dissing Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton in the process. Perhaps Wyclef Jean has more power than we’d ever imagined. Or maybe NATO just hates quitters. Whatever the case, AF’s manager Scott Rodger says “The band are disappointed to be forced into this situation but there’s nothing more we can do … We will refund all tickets and we’ll endeavor to get back to see our fans in Portugal as soon as we can.”

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