Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Album Art

Wanna know what the new Phoenix sounds like. “Fast and intense.” Their words, not ours, although you can take them as truth on the back of the synth-infused dancefloor pop of lead track “1901.” Whether it “shares similarities with United” as guitarist Laurent Brancowitz claims, or “is about our future” as Thomas Mars believes, one thing is certain: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix now has album art, and it’s the bomb.

(via P4K)

See. What. I. Did. There.

Phoenix – “1901” (MP3)

Here’s a tracklist:

01 “Lisztomania”
02 “1901”
03 “Fences”
04 “Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1″
05 “Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2″
06 “Lasso”
07 “Rome”
08 “Countdown”
09 “Girlfriend”
10 “Armistice”

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is out 5/25 internationally and 5/25 in the US on Loyaute/Glassnote Records.

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