Bon Iver Stumps For Russ Feingold

Feingold’s a big music fan, and he does a YouTube series of bands he loves (along with notes about where he’s been traveling in his state). He recommended the music of Bon Iver for his first “Fein Tunes” podcast, saying “This guy went up to his dad’s hunting camp, brought some Northern Exposure DVDs and some Vienna Boys Choir tapes, and came up with this beautiful album that comes right out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.” Now Bon Iver is recommending that you vote for Feingold (or at least heavily hinting so). A.V. Club Milwaukee reports that Justin Vernon put up a Facebook post criticizing the two-party system and urging friends/fans to do some research and vote. “I am heading straight to the voting booth to vote for the one person in politics I truly think embodies individualism and true American courage. Senator Russ Feingold,” he writes. Then Vernon (sort of) elaborates:

I will not now list his accomplishments. I will now not play a party card. I only encourage you to vote. I challenge you to not vote straight party. But look him up. Right now. See how he voted on the Patriot Act in 2001. Look at his record for yourself. Blow up your T.V. Go to the voting booth. I hope Russ Feingold wins.

Feingold is currently polling behind his opponent, GOP newcomer Ron Johnson. He was, as Vernon hints at, the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act when it was first introduced. Check out Feingold’s Bon Iver endorsement, and Vernon’s Feingold endorsement:

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