Blood Diamonds – “Feral Envelope (Clique Talk Vocal Remix)”

Blood Diamonds is the project of Vancouver producer Mike Tucker, a multi-instrumentalist with a background in classical and modern jazz, though he does something different under his electro-dance guise. This dark, cavernous Clique Talk “Vocal Remix” of “Feral Envelope” — a song you’ll find in softer, chirpier ’80s soundtrack/robot-vocal mode on a just-released double single — offers a peek at (and the possibilities within) his compositions’ flexible skeletons.

Blood Diamonds – “Feral Envelope (Clique Talk Vocal Remix)”

The “Feral Envelop”/”Aries” single is out via The Pop Manifesto. Hear those below:

Feral Envelope by BloodDiamonds

Aries by BloodDiamonds

Another track, “Heart.”

Blood Diamonds – “Heart”