Santigold And Spank Rock “Shove It” On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon was good last night! (See also: Tina Fey was a guest last night). This time the show brought music-related content via Jon Bon Jovi karaoke and a performance by Santigold and Philly pal Spank Rock (who forgot we’re not calling her Santogold anymore). Lindsaygum was there and was excited. People seem to be increasingly optimistic about Late Night (cool) and also optimistically hope @jimmyfallon grows out of his nerves (nope), when really that lack of confidence is what will serve the show best: Let that great writing staff make the funny, leave the visionary host stuff to the Conans and the Lettermans. They did miss an opportunity to pull the Roots into the mix with Santi and Naeem’s take on “Shove It,” but it was good fun anyway. Watch it, and Santi’s S1W-ettes, at Hulu (via YANP).