Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Debut “Statues” For Jimmy Fallon

From the Roots as house band to Van Morrison and Justin Timberlake (nice guy, says Wayne Coyne) to Santigold and Spank Rock, we’ve been closely covering the nascent days of Jimmy Fallon’s show. Last night the nervous one hosted Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who debuted a new song “Statues.” It’s upbeat. The “ecstatic” audience in the balconies to the sides of the stage takes some getting used to — are they wearing mics? — but CYHSY should be stoked that they now have more than shrill, screeching bloggers at their shows.

For the price of an email address, like Jimmy said, you can download the song at CYHSY’s website. On the same site, the guys mention that “[‘Statues’] a song that we might work on some more in the future.”