New Clipd Beaks – “Visions”

When affixing a BTW to Oakland’s Clipd Beaks, we said upon first listen “you might think about Liars trying to belt their tribal, Kraut-y Drum’s Not Dead or Liars material from a sinking ship,” adding that their compositions include “a noise-rock’s sense of scree and jagged, Sightings-style DNA-peeled rhythms.” It’s not often that we re-quote an old post so completely, but the description works perfectly for the A-Side of the now-trio’s forthcoming “Visions” 7″, their followup to 2007’s Hoarse Lords. As far as differences: Guitarist Greg Pritchard left the band, so the remaining Beaks are getting more multi-instrumental; instead of lessening the attack, though, the whole things feels tighter, digs deeper.

Clipd Beaks – “Visions” (MP3)

“Visions” is supposedly lo-fi in comparison to what the guys are recording for their next full-length, due in early fall ’09. Hopefully they don’t gloss it up too much: Sounds perfectly fuzzed to these ears. Same goes for the spacier B-side “Dank Swamp.” For more, take a listen to the correctly named “Jamm” at their MySpace.

“Visions” b/w “Dank Swamp” is out 3/10 via Lovepump United. Live dates:

03/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell
03/17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
03/18 – El Paso, TX @ Black Market
03/19 – Austin, TX @ SXSW
03/20 – Austin, TX @ SXSW
03/21 – Austion, TX @ The Mohawk (SXSW)

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