Watch Brian Eno, Interviewed By The Great Dick Flash

Did you know in addition to revolutionizing the way artists utilize the studio, and synthesizing sound with advancements in technology in a way that has single-handedly altered the musical landscape, Brian Eno could be a decent sketch comedian? SPOILER ALERT: Brian Eno is Dick Flash. At least in part. Obviously neither of the characters in this video piece are the real Brian Eno, but watching him play both “Brian Eno” and interlocutor/heady music journalist “Dick Flash” in this Q&A is at the least amusing, and also a sort of fascinating caricature of coexisting facets of his character: There’s the commercially savvy “Brian Eno” that tracks and obsesses over larger pop cultural movements, the more superficially oriented man for whom things like trends in Annie Lennox’s haircuts or Ian Dury’s limp are are matters of significance. And then there’s the hyperintellectual conceptualist, represented here in Dick Flash’s wig and spectacles and dense sentences about broad aesthetic theory and innovation. Both here are extreme versions of what are likely very real sides of one life-champion of a man. And the closing line is actually pretty insightful about Eno and his process. So that’s cool. But also, this is pretty funny? At least it is not not-funny. And if you like Eno, well worth your nine minutes.

“See the thing about you, you can’t stop being a producer. You love playing with what somebody else is playing, as much as you enjoy playing with yourself.” Maybe Brian Eno is what SNL is missing this season?

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