Gorillaz LP4 A “Love-Letter To America,” Damon & Flea’s New Band Needs A Name

When not getting worked up about Glee, Damon Albarn is already planning Gorillaz’s followup to Plastic Beach. In an interview with stuff.co.nz during the band’s American tour, Albarn went over his plans to do another album with The Good, The Bad, & The Queen, as well finish up a record with a new band with Flea and Tony Allen. Writes blogger Simon Sweetman:

There will be, he says, another album by The Good, The Bad & The Queen (‘well, I would hope so, definitely’) but something that Albarn thinks will probably please fans of that sound is a record by a new band that he is ‘three-quarters of the way through; I need to get this finished, but there’s also another Gorillaz record I’m finishing up too. I’ve actually taken a mobile studio with me on this tour, because it’s the longest I’ve been out on the road since, as I say, the days of Blur at its peak, so I have that luxury now of recording as I go.’

The album that is three-quarters finished is ‘another band with Tony Allen; centred around what he does. But this time it’s him and me and Flea from The Chili Peppers and some of my favourite African musicians will be involved also. Flea of course is an anagram for Fela and Flea is so into this music — so that’s been great.’

Gorillaz’s American tour also seems to have inspired Albarn. He explained how the next Gorillaz album would be “a tour diary as a record” and a “love letter to America.” “I used to be very baffled by this place, and I guess I still am in some ways; America confused me enormously,” he says. “But right now with all that’s going on this is a good place to be and this has been a great tour, the shows have been very special.”

There’s no name for his band with Flea and Tony Allen. Any suggestions? Albarn’s line about Flea being an anagram of Fela makes it seem like he’s currently out of clever name ideas.

[Photo by Amrit Singh]