Memory Tapes Remixes Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang is the project of 23 year-old London multi-instrumentalist/MGMT fan Max McElligott, “Lions In Cages” the first single from his forthcoming Dave Fridmann produced Atlantic debut, Suego Faults. Memory Tapes’s Dayve Hawk got his hands on it, reconstructing it entirely from the inside out. Take a listen to Hawk’s easy-going sing-along makeover then compare it to the original.

Wolf Gang – “Lions In Cages (Memory Tapes Remix)”

The album version:

Wolf Gang – “Lions In Cages”

Suego Faults is out in early 2011 via Atlantic. The “Lions In Cages” single is out 11/22. He’s also been remixed by Stereogum40 soloist Active Child:

Wolf Gang – “Back To Back (Active Child Remix)”