Zune Tattoo Guy Finally Gets More Than Stickers

Remember this guy?

Since last we checked in with “mszunefan,” a couple of things happened. Namely, Microsoft found about his devotion to their pocket-sized revolution and offered him a rich reward for this prime, permanent advertising: stickers, five songs from the ZMP, and some Zune artwork. So moved by this magnanimous gesture was Zune boy, that he went back for round two. Look at those smiling eyes.

Zune tattoo once, stickers for you. Zune tattoo twice, fly to Microsoft for free! Engadget reports.:

Microsoft … has decided to fly its biggest fan out to Redmond and give him the star treatment. In a post on the Zune Scene message boards, “mszunefan” says that he’ll be making the trip on July 5th, during which he’ll do an interview for Microsoft’s Channel 10 and then meet his heroes: a no doubt slightly unnerved Zune team. We have to say we’re kinda glad that Microsoft stepped in when it did, there’s no telling where the next tattoo might have ended up.

And while we’re talking PMPs … have you heard it about iPhone’s coolest feature? No, not the YouTube thing. Get this: The bigger your hand, the smaller the phone appears! (via Boing Boing)


Techmology. What is that all about? Is it good or is it wack?