Daft Punk – “Tron Legacy”

Last month we watched a new Tron: Legacy trailer, which made good on Olivia Wilde’s promise that Daft Punk cameo in the movie as … robot DJs (duh). It was also a chance to hear “Derezzed” from the electronic duo’s film score. Earlier today, BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac debuted “Tron Legacy (End Titles).” All the Daft Tronheads went nuts. You can listen to it here:

Daft Punk – “Tron Legacy”

Yup, Annie played it twice.

It would be cool if Daft Punk were nominated for an Oscar and had to hold Celine Dion’s hand at the ceremony.

The soundtrack, for which Guy-Manuel and Thomas utilized a symphony of one hundred world class musicians (but not Phoenix), is out 12/7 on Walt Disney Records.

This song is in the movie too:

Seriously! Look for Steve Perry singing along at your local IMAX.

UPDATE: Tracklist:

01 ‘Overture’
02 ‘The Grid’
03’The Son Of Flynn’
04 ‘Recognizer’
05 ‘Armory’
06 ‘Arena’
07 ‘Rinzler’
08 ‘The Game Has Changed’
09 ‘Outlands’
10 ‘Adagio For Tron’
11 ‘Nocturne’
12 ‘End Of Line’
13 ‘Derezzed’
14 ‘Fall’
15 ‘Solar Sailer’
16 ‘Rectifier’
17 ‘Disc Wars’
18 ‘C.L.U.’
19 ‘Arrival’
20 ‘Flynn Lives’
21 ‘Tron Legacy (End Titles)’
22 ‘Finale’