New Foreign Born – “Vacationing People”

These days the new cool is getting artist blogs to blog about other artists. Extra cool hunting points are awarded if you go Kanye-style and start premiering songs and videos for your RSS subscribers. So in addition to owning the 2009 Q1.5 music blog discourse, Grizzly Bear is now in the business of premiering Foreign Born MP3s. Which is actually pretty smart of FB, since the GB blog has been getting good traffic lately for various reasons, all of which rhyme with the word Veckatimest. I liked Foreign Born’s last album On The Wing Now, although the last I remember seeing them was when they popped up as themselves in the series premiere of Chuck (which allegedly has become a really good show in the days since its indie-rock song overload). The LA band has officially finished work on a new album, Grizzly Ed loves it and got permission to share, describing it like so:

So this hasn’t leaked. I hope it won’t leak too soon, but it has been leaked to my ears, and I’ve been granted permission to share a track by the lovely men behind Foreign Born. I was pretty vocal about my love for their last album On the Wing Now, and this time around it’s even better. I gotta say, something about the production of this album is really doing it for me. Crisper sounds, and Matt’s voice sounds wonderful. This track “Vacationing People” is a lovely little pop gem, and it’s not even scraping the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the album. I hope that you all enjoy the song and check these guys out.

Try it:

Foreign Born – “Vacationing People” (MP3)

Person To Person is the name of Foreign Born’s next LP, and it will be out one day.