Jack White Plays Conan Premiere, With Conan

Conan O'Brien & Jack White

Jack White Plays Conan Premiere, With Conan

Conan O'Brien & Jack White

Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed this John Roderick column about the insidious, pernicious effects of drug-taking on artists, and the flawed myth that they create a sustained, heightened state of creativity either because of their consciousness altering, or because they give said artists the “persecuted feeling they crave,” a “sense of exclusivity and resistance to authority.” And then I went to the Studio at Webster Hall and watched a startlingly charismatic teenager named Tyler and his star-making eyeballs rap about rape and snorting blow and called it even. (OFWGKTA sidenote: Download Tyler, The Creator’s Bastard, and read Sean Fennessey’s essential primer, if for some reason you have not.)

The Odd Future show and its after-effects are why I didn’t get to watch Conan O’Brien’s ballyhooed return to television last night, though the NY Times review did remind me of Roderick’s words: unsurprisingly to anyone who saw Conan’s “Legally Prohibited From Being On Television” comedy tour (as Gabe and I did), O’Brien is still playing the victim for laughs, and slagging on NBC for fucking him over, and fashioning himself into the world’s most sympathy-worthy millionaire. The Times seems to wish he would move on, and he should have a long time on TBS to do just that (provided Jay Leno doesn’t ever want his chair there). However maybe it’s Coco’s own brand of coke, his own aesthetic addiction to be the artist hooked on and rallying around his own feeling of craved persecution. Better to be the outsider folk hero than the entitled world-beater. More relatable at least, as long as you don’t try your audience’s patience.

Anyway, Gabe will have a thorough recap of the affair, and as far as Conan debuts/finales go, this one was true to form in enlisting the services of O’Brien’s old bowling buddy Mr. Jack White, who joined Conan onstage for a cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock.” Watch and learn:

Swag. Welcome back, Coco. There was a Q&A between O’Brien and White, too:

(Via The Audio Perv.)

Also outta Nashville these days:

  • Jack White is teaming up with Danger Mouse on Rome, a project with Daniele Luppi inspired by ’60s Italian film soundtracks. Think spaghetti westerns, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, and a cameo from Norah Jones. It’s been five years in the making, and considering that sonic reference point, should be crazy. The Guardian has a Q&A with Danger (via 24Bit) if you’re craving more details.
  • Laura Marling’s unveiled this Neil Young cover recorded at Mr. White’s Third Man Studios. Sayeth JW, “It was perfect – one take. She’s gorgeous. Gorgeous voice and an incredible person. A wonderful girl.”

  • Jack also produced and Third Man will release Dugen’s next single “Oga Nasa Mum.”

Lazy ass.

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