New Mastodon Video – “Divinations”

Haa, well Mastodon really went for it with the first Crack The Skye clip. In a Progress Report they told Jessica the album would be a “combination of ‘brutal,’ ‘fucking’ and ‘epic,'” and that the record would be “dissecting the dark matter that dominates the universe, in a nutshell.” The Roboshobo-directed “Divinations” video hits all the beats: the band goes mountain climbing to unlock the awesome shredding power of a creature named Brent, who is frozen, and thawed only by the lightning bolts coming from Bill Kelliher’s flying V, at which point Brent-monster plays a sick solo and kills ‘em all. Oh and there’s a yeti, an evil overlord, and a hot sacrificial virgin involved too, just to get the brutal-fucking-epic all in place.

(via headbangersblog)

Crack The Skye is out 3/24 via Reprise.

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