Larry King Demonstrates How Not To Interview The Beatles

Tip #1 for speaking to any member of the Fab Four: Remember which ones have passed away, and which ones are sitting right in front of you. Larry King orchestrated an impressive interview lineup last night, the first to get the surviving Beatles and the deceased members’ widows to sit together for a Q&A. Then he fucked it up by referring to Ringo as “George.” Don’t worry, Sir Macca set him straight. YouTube’s got the show in 100 annoying, edited one-minute snippets, so for now you’ll have to jump for the transcript.

KING: Where were you when ? when John passed?
MCCARTNEY: When John passed I was in Sussex, at my home in Sussex. That?s where I was.
KING: Did somebody call you?
MCCARTNEY: Yes, my manager at the time called me. And it was just the shock of all shocks, you know?
KING: George, where were you?
KING: Ringo.
MCCARTNEY: No, this is Ringo here.
KING: Ringo, where were you?
STARR: I was in the Bahamas.
KING: I was getting to (INAUDIBLE) George.
STARR: I was?
MCCARTNEY: No, you weren?t, Larry. You said his name wrong.
STARR: Shut up, it?s my turn.
MCCARTNEY: I know, but he got your name wrong, Ringo, on national television.
STARR: I know. Give him a break.
MCCARTNEY: We can?t cut it. It?s live.
STARR: Anyway, I was in the Bahamas and the kids called and they said we?ve heard something, like John has been hurt.

Better than calling him Pete? (via Rock Daily)

UPDATE: Head to I’m Just Sayin’ for some high-quality vid highlights of Larry’s classic Q&A.