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Lightning Swords Of Death – “Invoke The Desolate One”

A couple of summers ago I had that Lightning Swords Of Death/Valdur split on Heavy Rotation: Basically, two rugged black metal bands from California you wouldn’t think were from California unless someone shouted out hometowns between blast beats. A few months ago I wrote up “Berserrker,” a track from Valdur’s subsequent album Raven God Amongst Us, which like most of their stuff, they self-released. (If you paid close attention, you should recognize the Raven title from a name of a track on that aforementioned split.) More theatrical than Valdur, post-split Lightning Swords Of Death were signed by Metal Blade, who imprinted the group’s second album The Extra Dimensional Wound. The collection’s been out for a bit, but I wanted to bring things full circle, and am always interested to look at the different angles American black metal bands take, so here’s “Invoke The Desolate One.” The Extra Dimensional Wound — brutal, icy hot, super heavy, full of lurching “grooves,” references to magickal thinking — was recorded in Corona, CA and was mixed/mastered by Sverker “Necro” Widgren at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm. Important details, because it really does have a curious blend of American and Swedish black metal sounds.

Lightning Swords Of Death – “Invoke the Desolate One”

The Extra Dimensional Wound is out via Metal Blade. The 12-minute closer “Paths To Chaos” finds the band really pushing toward something. You’ll get a better idea of what that something may be via this interview my friend Grayson did with them.

Lightning Swords Of Death Promo 2010