Games – “Shadows In Bloom” Video

Oneohtrix Point Never’s Dan Lopatin and Tigercity’s Joel Ford masterfully manipulate a half-remembered take on the dance and radio pop that dominated airwaves when they shared a childhood friendship as Games. The stuff is creamy, dreamy, beat-infectious. They’re one of our favorite “new” projects of 2010, and their That We Can Play EP abides by the dictum that “everything sounds better slower” (in fact, Tumblr: WaySlower), visually abides by the mandates of Everything Is Terrible. (I say that per the video screens looping footage at their shows, and this clip for “Shadows In Bloom.”) But director Weirdcore does offer a proper synopsis: “”A CRITIQUE OF GLOBALISMS AND HEDONISM ON PLANES.” Everyone has nice faces in this. First class!

PS don’t forget to book your flights for Thanksgiving.

That We Can Play is out via Hippos In Tanks.

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