jj – “Let Them” / “I’m the One/Money On My Mind”

“Fuck all you hoes / Get a grip / Let ‘em talk / It ain’t my fault / Let ‘em stay / Let them snitch / Let them die,” etc. Sincerely Yours just offered up this new jj single for free, though I’d be happy to pay for it: “Let Them” incorporates T.I’s “Let ‘Em Talk,” the briefer B-Side “I’m the One/Money On My Mind” references “My Way” pal Lil Wayne and makes use of onetime tourmates the xx’s “Intro,” you’ll find more if you take the time to dig. More importantly, Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander continue establishing this particular melancholic, though not down-and-out feel, a strange icy and warm Swedish-born sound that’s compelled me to return to jj n° 3 regularly in 2010.

jj – “Let Them”
jj – “I’m The One / Money On My Mind”
(Via GvsB)

“Let Them” b/w “I’m The One/Money On My Mind” is out for free via Sincerely Yours.

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