New Deerhunter – “Disappearing Ink” (Live In Atlanta)

When writing about Deerhunter debuting songs at NoisePop last week, I mentioned “Famous Last Words” was maybe the closest we’d come to hearing the band do a Strokes song. This was before “Disappearing Ink.” Bradford Cox & Co. put the song to tape in their Atlanta practice space for Subterranean — while listening, try not to think of Julian Casablancas singing along, too. Even if you disagree on the Strokes factor, the guys have clearly been bitten by the pop bug: So far this new material goes beyond Microcastle’s relative concision to something even more straight-up and immediate.

Subterranean mentions this is “just the tip of the Atlanta Week iceberg,” so I’m guessing you’ll get yourself a Black Lips video soon, too.

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