Jason Lytle – “Brand New Sun”

A couple years ago Grandaddy called it quits. Soon the band’s former leader Jason Lytle, now living in Montana, will return with Yours Truly, the Commuter. Those who enjoyed his previous work should also dig this gently anthemic, down-to-Earth electro-acoustic pop kaleidoscope. To give you an idea of the 12-track collection, here’s “Brand New Sun.” We asked Lytle a bit about it.

The song seems to be about aging — a person’s, but also the world’s…
In “Brand New Sun” I tried to make a song that was the footage in my head. That footage was a guy and a girl, dog-tired and nearly beaten. They are gathering strength from each others’ presence in order to continue on. Where to… ? I don’t know.

Is it possible to find a “Brand New Sun”? If so, how do you get there?
The title “Brand New Sun” was actually partly derived from my amusement over the term “Brand New.” As if it can be traced back entirely to brands and marketing. This, in regards to “the Sun,” is quite funny. But I could be wrong. About everything, in fact.


Yours Truly, the Commuter is out 05/19 via Anti-

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