Old Folks Review Animal Collective

When you combine elderly people and indie rock, you get hilarious memes. That’s just science. Scrapple.tv’s Breakfast At Sulimay’s is a Web video series in which three seasoned listeners critique a wide range of recent tracks at a Philadelphia diner. It’s been around for several years (here they review the Thermals’ “Pillar Of Salt”) but is all over my RSS this week since the kids at Collected Animals caught the “My Girls” segment in Episode 16. Ann, Joe, and Bill are not fans. “This group is not gonna get very far from Baltimore, Maryland.”

First up is Young Jeezy. AC comes two minutes in…

If you like that, you’ll love “The Real Housewives Of New York Noise” reviewing the “Water Curses” video.

Grandmas say the darnedest things.