Slayer Sick Of Metallica’s Slow Fade To Black

Count Slayer ax-man Kerry King among the many Metallica fans that just can’t take the band seriously anymore, especially after Some Kind Of Monster. Via Metal Underground:

I used to admire METALLICA and I don’t wanna see them going to fucking therapy. I mean, that’s fucking? keep it in the band, man … I won’t watch that movie [‘Metallica: Some Kind of Monster’], because I don’t want to think of them like that. I wanna think of fucking ‘Battery’ and ‘Damage Inc.’ and ‘Ride the Lightning’. I don’t wanna see these fragile fucking old men that can’t have a cocktail anymore because they’re afraid of what they’ll become. Fuck that!

Gotta agree with Slayer here; watched that documentary on VH1 the other day after avoiding it for years, and seeing an overly-emotional business-minded Metallica was weird in a not at all cool way. Lars promises the new album won’t sound anything like St. Anger … but these pics sorta tell it all, don’t they.


Meanwhile, things could be better for Slayer, too. We already know Sweden loves their metal (and their little Metallica babies), but a fan got a little carried away by Slayer’s thrash and killed himself during Slayer’s set at Gothenburg’s Metaldown festival.

Via Blabbermouth:

SLAYER was about an hour into its show Saturday night (June 30) when the 22-year-old man and a friend stripped down to their underwear. As the crowd cheered on, the two counted down and were about to jump off when one of them decided not to go through with the “joke” and watched as his friend hurled himself from the 30-meter-high bridge.

That’s sad. Death metal just can’t catch a break! And the fans clearly aren’t helping. So if your friend beckons you onto a bridge and tells you to jump during Metallica’s set at Live Earth this weekend, you can count on two things: 1) he’s only joking, and 2) he believes in global warming. That’s today’s advice, kids.

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